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Christmas Cabaret

In late 1938, almost two years after his first appearance on television, Jasper Maskelyne returned to the B.B.C. studios at Alexandra Palace to headline two live performances of a show called 'Christmas Cabaret'.

Also on the bill were musical clowns Noni and Partner, George Prentice (modern Punch and Judy), Bill Peterson and Buddy, singer Evelyn Hall, Afrique (an impressionist, and Charles Judge and Company (the band).

The 45-minute special programme was broadcast live. No recording exists.

Jasper didn't perform on television again until 1947. On first glance, as one of England’s leading magicians, this is surprising. One has to consider though that the B.B.C. stopped television transmissions from the outbreak of war in 1939 until June 1946.

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